Naturalization Now Different from the Age of Cristian Gonzalez

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

PSSI see the naturalization program being carried out today is different from a dozen years ago when he brought in Cristian Gonzales and several other players as players Indonesian National team.

PSSI Secretary General, Yunus Nusi, assessed that the transfer of nationality of current players has two differences compared to previous years.

The naturalization process is currently considered more focused because it fits the needs of Shin Tae Yong as the coach of the Indonesian national team. In addition, only players with certain conditions are processed.

“This naturalization program is different from what it was during the time of Christian Gonzales, Greg Nwokolo, Victor Igbonefo, Beto Goncalves and others. Now it is pure Indonesian blood. The naturalization program is also the desire of STY [Shin Tae Yong],” said Yunus in the release received

PSSI issued this statement following the attitude of Exco Member Haruna Soemitro who rejected the naturalization program.

PSSI is currently in the process of naturalizing four players competing in Europe, namely Sandy Walsh, Jordi Amat, Mees Hilgers, and Ragnar Oratmangoen.

According to PSSI Executive Committee member Hasani Abdulgani, documents from Walsh and Amat for the naturalization process have been sent and are being processed by the legal team. Meanwhile, agents Hilgers and Oratmangoen are said to have promised to send the documents in February.

PSSI also targets the four players to be dressed as the Red and White team in the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification which will take place in the middle of this year.

Yunus has also mentioned that the four players are willing to defend the Indonesian national team.

Before Shin Tae Yong’s coaching era there were many naturalized foreign players. From about more than 30 people, there are several names who do not have a contribution to the Indonesian national team.

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