News National solution for apprentices' diplomas found -

National solution for apprentices’ diplomas found –


Nearly 75,000 young people are finishing their vocational training this summer. As long as they master the required skills, they will be able to obtain a diploma recognized in the labor market, said Thursday the Federal Department of Training (DEFR). They will be able to continue their professional journey.

There will be no final exam for professional knowledge and general knowledge. The marks will be calculated from the experience mark and the school mark and on the basis of the personal work of deepening for the general culture.

Practical work

For the practical part, the organization of the world of work responsible for a profession or a professional field chooses a variant that is feasible in all regions for its sector. It must obtain the approval of the State Secretariat for Training (SERI).

If a canton cannot organize the practical exam because of the epidemiological situation, it can submit a request to SERI. The evaluation of the practical work could then be done in the form of an evaluation of the services by the training company.

The solution developed by the vocational training partners takes into account the specificities of vocational training, closely linked to the needs of the labor market. It is also based on the principle of equal treatment and takes into account the constraints borne by companies. An ordinance will soon be submitted to the Federal Council.

Extended recruitment?

During the extraordinary vocational training summit, the partners also addressed the question of the recruitment and employment of apprentices. The process of choosing a profession, the organization of observation internships or job interviews is hampered by the pandemic.

A working group has been set up to develop solutions. These could be an extension of the recruitment phase or communication measures.

For the Confederation, the cantons and the social partners, the crisis must not weaken vocational training. Training companies must continue to recruit apprentices. Young people and their parents can also contact these companies.

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