Sport National League: for the time being no Salary Cap...

National League: for the time being no Salary Cap and no new foreigners-control


The big Hockey Revolution has failed to materialize – at least for the time being. Image: KEYSTONE

Still no Salary Cap and no new foreigners-control – the transfer lock

At the League Assembly of the two highest Swiss ice-hockey leagues, in many places, predicted Revolution was today. How Swiss Ice Hockey tells, were in the house of Sports in Ittigen, no decisions concerning a Salary Cap (wage cap) and a new immigration scheme like.

The clubs agreed a transfer lock to the end of the season 2020/21. From now on, players will be allowed with a valid contract with a National League or Swiss League club until the end of the season 2020/21 by any other club for the current season or committed to be contacted. Negotiations are said in this time. The exception is a game exchange or a Transfer, with which all Parties are agreed.

A new scheme decided by the League Assembly in the event of a championship cancellation due to force majeure, as it happened this spring due to the spread of the Coronavirus. New is also, officially, have to be cancelled the championship due to force majeure (by means of a final decision by the League Assembly), there are in the season, neither a master nor a and Relegated.

The participants for the Champions League would be determined in the event of a case on the basis of the ranking list at the time of the crash. Should not have contested at the time of abandonment, all teams have the same number of games would be created the ranking based on the average per game score. (pre)


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NLA-Jersey numbers are not assigned

Things that Hockey Fans would never say

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