Nathalie Holscher has given birth, here are her baby portraits

Foto Maternity Nathalie Holscher. ©2021 Sule dan Nathalie Holscher – Good news comes from Nathalie Holscher, wife Close. She had just given birth to her first child. This is known from Nathalie’s photo upload on her instagram.

The beautiful woman uploaded a portrait of being in the hospital with a baby who seemed to be crying. Accompanying the upload, Nathalie only wrote a short message.

Masyaallah,” said Nathalie in the caption of the photo.

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This is the photo

This is a photo of Nathalie who has gone through the process of giving birth at one of the hospitals in Indonesia Jakarta. His post immediately became the spotlight.

There are two photos uploaded by Nathalie. Where in another photo, Sule is seen kissing his cheek.

nathalie holscher

Instagram @nathalieholscher ©2021

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In the comments column, many netizens congratulated this artist couple.

Kkoe congratulations on the birth of his dd. Happy loving,“said @adeliapasha.

Alhamdulillah, congratulations, bun, congratulations,“kata @delluuyee.

Congratulations mother,“said @_ih.nabilah.

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Not yet known

So far, it is not known exactly when Nathalie went into labor and what gender the baby was.

What is clear is that this happy news was welcomed by families and fans alike. Many are curious to see the faces of Nathalie and Sule’s tiny babies.

nathalie holscher

Instagram @nathalieholscher ©2021



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