Natalia Podolskaya admired her youngest son

The artist’s heir celebrates a small holiday.

Natalya Podolskaya. Photo:

Singer Natalia Podolskaya shared the joyful moments of motherhood. On the birthday of her youngest son, the celebrity was surprised by the all-encompassing heart of the parent.

Note that the heir to Podolskaya has grown up. Vanya is already a year and three months old. The actress confessed her boundless love for the baby. At the same time, the wife of musician Vladimir Presnyakov is crazy about her eldest son.

“Today is January 22 and today Vanechka is a year and three months old! Beloved son. And one and the second! So it’s amazing how much space there is in a mother’s heart. Let’s once again congratulate Vanyusha on his correct date – 22, ”Podolskaya wrote in her personal microblog.

Natalya Podolskaya.  Photo:
Natalia Podolskaya with her husband and sons. Photo:

Fans of the Podolskaya family congratulated the happy mother on her personal holiday:

“Odamn cool guys! Congratulations to Vanechka”, “Let Vanya grow to the delight of parents and loved ones”, “Good health! Vanechka looks like your mother.

Recall that earlier Natalia Podolskaya showed how the everyday life of a caring dad goes with her husband Vladimir Presnyakov. The artist played with his sons on the playground.

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