NASA wants to know how well humans can adapt to space PUBLIC .MD

NASA researchers have found that such missions in which astronauts will be deprived of gravitational force can have a negative impact on astronauts’ cognitive ability and emotional intelligence., Mediafax.

It is understandable that such a journey takes 14 months, and the actual exploration of Mars will take at least 3 years.

The new NASA study looked at the effects of microgravity on 24 astronauts. They were tilted horizontally at an angle of 6 degrees, with the head lower than the body, for 2 months.

During all this time, they underwent cognitive tests for astronauts to assess orientation, memory and emotional behavior.

At first, cognitive abilities declined and then remained at the same level, but emotional abilities continued to decline. As a result, astronauts will be subjected to tests and psychological sessions before future missions to Mars.

Until humans reach Mars, the Perseverance rover continues to roam the Red Planet. Sent a new audio recording of more than 16 minutes.


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