NASA Supports Blue Origin Space Station Plan

SAN FRANCISCO, – Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company plans to build space station commercial itself in low Earth orbit. NASA announced it had selected the program for funding through the Outer Space Act Agreement to further develop the station design.

The funding is part of NASA’s Commercial LEO development program, which aims to develop a robust commercial space economy at LEO, including supporting the development of commercially owned and operated LEO objectives.

“We are pleased that NASA supported the development of Orbital Reef, a revolutionary approach to making Earth orbit more accessible to a diverse range of customers and industries,” said Brent Sherwood, Senior Vice President of Advanced Development Programs for Blue Origin, said in a prepared statement.

The station will become an orbital multipurpose space business park that will offer a number of turnkey services as well as reduced operating costs for the growing low-g industry in addition to meeting the needs of ISS partners, as quoted from Engadget.

Blue Origin partnered with Sierra Space on this project with the first to focus on the station’s architecture and infrastructure — from its design and construction to managing lift logistics using the New Glenn heavy launch system.

New Glenn was commissioned to develop the HIDUP station (Large Integrated Flexible Environment). Boeing also assisted, designing an operations-maintenance science module and making use of its Starliner crew capsule.

Editor: Dini Listiyani

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