NASA ‘Business’ Strategy Funds 3 Private Companies to Build New Space Station

INDOZONE.ID – The International Space Station (ISS) is slowly but surely aging. On the other hand, ISS repairs are still in for quite a long time and it’s only a matter of time to deactivate it.

On December 3rd, NASA then made a pretty unique news. The technology company announced three space companies to jointly develop a new space station.

NASA’s space station. (Photo/NASA)

It is considered a commercial destination in outer space. Of the 11 proposals, NASA chose Blue Origin, Nanoracks LLC, and Northrop Grumman to receive more than $400 million in federal funds through three separate Space Act Agreements.

Extended Funding

space station

The total estimated amount to fund research and development is $415.6 million (Rp5.9 trillion). The companies are Blue Origin received 130 million dollars (Rp 1.8 trillion), Nanoracks 160 million dollars (Rp 2.2 trillion), Northrop Grumman 125.6 million dollars (Rp 1.8 trillion).

In a press release, NASA explains how to step it aims to ensure an uninterrupted US presence in low-Earth orbit with the transition from the International Space Station to other platforms.

according to NASA administrator, Bill Nelson’s goal was to develop a common destination in outer space where people could visit, live, and work.

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NASA’s Two -Level Approach

blue origin
Blue Origin. (Photo/Blue Origin)

NASA has developed a two -stage approach for the transition from the ISS to commercial purposes. In the first phase, private players and NASA will collaborate to create low-Earth orbit goals for government and private sector needs. This phase will last until at least 2025.

For example, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Sierra Space are currently building Orbital Reef, which will become a commercial space station that will be operational in the second half of the decade. The Reef Orbit Station will become a ‘multipurpose space business park’.

Nanorocks has collaborated with Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin to develop the space station Starlab, with a launch date of 2027.

Northrop Grumman is also building a commercial low-Earth orbiting space station. The company builds on the knowledge gained by partnering with NASA for many years.

Phase Two of the NASA Program

space station.

The second phase of the station development program NASA space will focus on certifying NASA crew members to use this purpose when necessary, allowing the space agency to focus on space missions on Mars and the Moon.

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