Name of Student Victim of Harassment of Unsri Lecturer Strikes Out of Judiciary, BEM Investigate Completely


Cases of sexual harassment have occurred again in the campus environment, Mother. This time, a student The Faculty of Economics, Sriwijaya University (Unsri) admitted that he had been harassed by the lecturer.

At that time, he wanted to ask for the lecturer’s signature so he could continue the process of working on his thesis. He also took the initiative to come to campus without giving news first.

Arriving at campus, the victim was invited to chat and asked various things about the development of his thesis after the trial. The lecturer even asked about the health condition of the victim.

The lecturer then gave attention with a hug, Mother. Because they consider it part of the attention, the victim also let it. Unfortunately, the lecturer asked for more and started harassing the victim.

After this case went viral, it turned out that there were many other victims who reported that they had experienced the same thing, Mother.

One of the victims sexual harassmentl Unsri, whose academic condition was just following the graduation, suddenly his name was dropped from the list, Mother. This then made the victim and the Student Executive Board (BEM) Unsri protest to the dean.

This was also conveyed through a release shared by the BEM through the Instagram account @bemkmunsri, Mother. The BEM said that previously the victim had completed the administrative and payment processes.

“Before the day of the judicial process, the victim had completed the registration and administration process until he was officially registered as the 157th judicial participant at the faculty,” the account wrote.

“However, on the day of the event, especially when the event started, the victim initially thought the morning would go smoothly, but suddenly was not allowed to join the judicial agenda, because there was no victim’s name on the list of participants in the agenda.”

Hearing this, the BEM also negotiated with the dean, Bunda. Read more on the next page, come on!

Mother, also watch the video of the reasons why people often blame victims of sexual harassment below:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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