NAC comes with statement in response to threats to the Steijn family

NAC is shocked by the threats and condemns the actions of some individuals. “The actions of these individuals do not suit our club and our supporters. We therefore completely distance ourselves from this,” the club said.

Maurice Steijn indicated yesterday in front of the ESPN camera that he would file a report. “As a club, we have been given access to these messages and understand the choice to file a report,” said NAC. “We would like to call on everyone to support our club in a positive way, as so many already do. We have a loyal fan base, which we are very proud of. Don’t ruin it for your fellow supporters”

B-Side Rats believes that filing a report is the right step, because in this way good research can be done into the possible threats against the Steijn family. This is because the possible perpetrators can be punished and not the NAC supporter in general is blamed.

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