Technology Mysterious fossil, Antarctica, reveals a gigantic egg

Mysterious fossil, Antarctica, reveals a gigantic egg


The egg is the first fossil eggs of the Antarctic and is the biggest egg in the soft scale has ever been found,” says Lucas Legendre, a paleontologist from the University of Texas at dallas. A lot of the dinosaurs, but birds and crocodiles have eggs with a hard shell.

It A 68-million-year old fossil up to 29 up to 20 cm in length and, therefore, the second-largest egg ever found. Only the now-extinct olifantsvogels in France and laid larger eggs.

The Thing

Chilean scientists have found the fossil, in 2011, on the Antarctic continent. She had no idea what was going on, and referred to it as a object “The Thing,” to the sci-fi film from 1982. “When we got back to the camp, we asked the geologists who were with us, if they ever had such a thing, had seen,” said Rodrigo Otero, a paleontologist from the University of Georgia. “She looked shocked and said that’s enough.”

The researchers believe that it may be an egg, it is of the Plesiosaurus, or the Mosasaurusgiant reptiles in the sea and live in it. “It’s the egg of an animal as big as a large dinosaur, but it doesn’t look anything like a dinosaurusei”, says Legendre. “It seems that most of the eggs of lizards and snakes, but with a very close relative of these dogs.”

Just like the dinosaurs, were marine reptiles, such as Mosasaurus, some 66 million years ago, when the earth was hit by a large asteroid.


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