Mysterious explosion on New York’s Long Island beach that left CRATER in sand is under investigation by FBI for “terrorism issues”

BEACH explosion that has left a mysterious crater is being probed by the FBI amid potential fears of terrorism.

Police said the explosion occurred on Fox Island in Long Island, New York, on Sunday when a device exploded.

A device exploded on Sunday, leaving a crater on Fox IslandCredit: Suffolk County Police Department

The crater was about four feet wide and two feet deep and the cops are looking for a boat that was nearby.

The Suffolk County Police Department said it received about three dozen 911 calls, Fox News reports.

While about five hundred calls were made to Babylon’s public safety department, according to CBS New York.

Cops are investigating whether the incident may have been a “test event” for a potential terrorist attack.

A spokesperson told Fox: “Terrorism is always a concern because people test devices before using them. “

Police said they were investigating all possibilities and did not know who was involved in the incident. They have since ruled out a sonic boom.

A 20-foot boat with stripes appeared to be leaving the area at the time of the explosion.

No injuries were reported and cops found no fragmentation as they investigated the site of the blast.

Witnesses said they thought “something had hit the roof” when they heard the explosion.

James Messina, from Lindenhurst, told CBS New York: “I had just got out of the shower and I actually thought something had hit the roof, it was so hard. “

Meanwhile, John Sacchitello thought a boat had exploded because he said it “almost fell off his feet”.

He said: “It was a huge boom. My first instinct was that someone’s boat blew up. But seeing how the smoke cleared so quickly, I thought someone had started something.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Stuart Cameron said: ‘I hope we can attribute this to some fools who did something that just got out of hand and are lucky to be still alive. “

Cops are urging witnesses with any information to call Crime Stoppers at 800-220-TIPS.

A boat with scratches on the side was seen leaving at the time of the explosionCredit: Suffolk County Police Department

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