Musk tells Russia: We can launch satellites faster than you can shoot them down

Musk tells Russia: We can launch satellites faster than you can shoot them down

The Starlink satellite system, which helps defenders of Ukraine, will not get rid of you, Elon Musk warned Russian aggressors. In an interview with the server Business Insider phe recalled that there were almost two thousand Starlink satellites in the sky and stressed that he could launch more quickly.

The technology visionary and founder of SpaceX is a major figure in the war in Ukraine. At the request of Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, he activated the services of his ‘interstellar internet’ Starlink there and sent trucks full of terminals to the country for free.

You are short on Starlink, Musk Rusy points out. | source:

Satellite Starlink maintains Ukrainian cities in areas with damaged communication infrastructure connected to the Internet, because it is not dependent on it. It is used by Ukrainian rescuers and, for example, the Aerorozvidka unit, which uses a satellite system to search for targets for attacking drones.

“I think I can be helpful in conflicts.” Elon Musk

Elon Musk even had the software modified for the Ukrainians so that the terminals could be powered from a standard 12-volt car socket.


An image of a Starlink satellite assembly in orbit. | source:

In response to the question of whether he was afraid of Russian attacks on Starlink satellites, Musk recalled that Russia had tested a missile that had destroyed one of Russia’s retired satellites before invading Ukraine.

“Fragments have even threatened the space station where Russian astronauts work. So why did they do it? It was a signal of a planned invasion, an eloquent message before the attack on Ukraine, “said Musk.

However, the Russians in Ukraine will not get rid of Starlin so easily. Musk explained why.

“Above are two thousand satellites (Starlink). That means they would have to fire a lot of anti-satellite missiles, “he warned, noting.” I believe we are able (SpaceX) to launch satellites faster than they can launch anti-satellite missiles. But I hope we don’t have to test it. “

Elon Musk said of what made him help the Ukrainians: “I think I can be helpful in conflicts. I do everything I think is good for helping humanity create a good future. ”

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