Musk prefers to follow the example of drug dealers rather than professors

Emissions trading, flirting with cryptocurrencies, new and increasingly crazy software updates – until recently, Tesla was earning quite well, but not mainly from its electric cars.

This is about to change, and Musk’s hopes are that the trend will continue.

Earlier this week, the company announced that for the second quarter of 2021 it earned $ 1.1 billion from car sales.

This is an important step for Tesla, which until recently failed to generate enough revenue from the electric car trade.

In February 2021, the company celebrated its first truly profitable year, to which the improved versions of the Model Y and Model 3 also contributed. At that time, however, the main source of revenue remained emission allowances.

“These guys make money from anything but electric cars!” Exclaimed CNN’s economic expert Gordon Johnson, somewhat outraged. His criticism is not entirely unfounded, as Tesla is ultimately one of the most famous manufacturers of electric cars in the world.

However, Elon Musk himself seemed completely satisfied with the situation, while his company was profitable. In his Twitter account, he said drug traffickers are better at business than 95% of university professors, and it looks like he will continue to follow increasingly unconventional practices in his business ventures.

The compact one also comes to his aid SUV – Model Y, as well as the sedan Model 3.

They are real proof that the future will belong to affordable electric cars. For the second quarter of this year, the brand has managed to deliver 200,000 units of these two models. For comparison, only 1859 units of the luxury sedan Model S were sold.

And The Verge predicts an even better future for the Model Y, which is in perhaps the most preferred class – that of SUVs. However, the company hides another joker up its sleeve and this is its development in the Chinese market, which still wants to conquer with its electric cars.

Tesla does not disclose its revenue by country, but the factory near Shanghai is already operating at full steam and its activities certainly contribute to increased profits from car sales. In fact, Musk told The Verge that China would become a “major hub for electric car exports.”

Let’s not forget that the company is currently building its factories in Texas and Germany.

In this way, the electric cars produced become even more accessible in the regions in which they are produced, but also gives room for the invention of new and new models in which Musk can invest his rich imagination.

We remind you that fans of the brand are still waiting for the launch of the extravagant Cybertruck, as well as the slightly more practical Semi Truck.

The premiere of the latter was once again postponed, this time straight to 2022. With more factories and a solid profit behind it, Tesla will also have more capacity to concentrate on new varieties of its electric vehicles.

Musk also admits that now that the company’s revenue has stabilized, he wants to do more engineering and design than his CEO duties. In an interview with the BBC, the entrepreneur said he had a “master plan” for creating more variants of electric cars at very reasonable prices.

His ambitions do not stop him from his desire to conquer space.

In a number of his tweets, Musk wrote that “Space is hope” and did not stop informing his followers about the progress of his space program on SpaceX. A missile called the Super Heavy is currently being tested, which, as the name suggests, will be designed to transport both humans and larger cargoes.

However, none of this will be possible – neither new models of electric cars, nor space walks – if Tesla does not continue its victorious course in the coming months.


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