Musician Andris Ērglis is angry about modern youth after several years at school

Ērglis received his first musical education at this school, and now he has been working as a music teacher there for several years: “My daily life has not changed for ten years. I perform in concerts, in various musical projects, my daily work as a teacher at a music school takes up my time. I wonder if I still work there … Where do I have that patience ?! Both from the aspect that the remuneration of teachers is not adequate, and also because I see what our new generation is like … ”says Ērglis.

Having worked at school for a long time, he is able to compare – nowadays a completely different generation is growing up.

“I used to think – what is that grandmother telling me: ‘Oh, horror! In our time, it was not like that! ”, Which she muld. But now, looking at the children, I think that in our time it was not …

“Children grow up differently. When I work with them, I see that they have different values ​​and understanding. Now there are different technologies that even dull them. They no longer try to think, they don’t try to be creative themselves. “Today’s children are given a lot of permissiveness and little responsibility.” Nowadays, a child can tell a teacher about rudeness, he can order d … “

According to the musician, there are less and less outstanding people among the students. “If ten children came to the music school in the past, then I knew – five of them will be excellent in their field. Now? It is good that there are one or two children out of ten that can be worked with, ”says Andris. And, in his opinion, the teacher’s work in Latvia is not sufficiently appreciated. “All teachers are sick in a way because they do this work and are not properly evaluated. Why am I doing this? Not for money. But because someone has to do it. The shortage of teachers throughout Latvia is huge, ”emphasizes the musician.

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