Murtaza Mansour: I completed the league in order to win over Al-Ahly

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Mortada Mansour, Chairman of Zamalek Club, said that he had completed the Egyptian Premier League and agreed to the team’s resumption of its competitions in order to win over Al-Ahly.

Mansour added in remarks on the Zamalek TV screen: “Al-Ahly must thank God that the Zamalek players did not reach the Cairo stadium in the first round match because of the torrents.”

He explained: “These are the youth of Zamalek, like Osama Faysal, who scored the third goal at the summit, who would have defeated Al-Ahly in the first round.”

Zamalek defeated his Al-Ahly counterpart by three goals to one goal, at the 120th summit, in the match that brought the two teams together at Cairo Stadium, in the 21st round of the Premier League competition.

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