News Municipalities in Nemours: MP Valérie Lacroute wants to become...

Municipalities in Nemours: MP Valérie Lacroute wants to become mayor again


So she would prefer the streets of Nemours to the alleys of the Hemicycle? Rediscovered municipal councilor of the city in July 2017 following the prohibition of the plurality of mandates, the member Valérie Lacroute (LR) announces this Thursday evening that she will take the head of a list for the municipal ones. And will therefore renounce her seat in the National Assembly, if she is elected mayor.

“I am more a woman on the ground than a woman from Hemicycle. And I have an ambition for Nemours, assures the one who was mayor from 2008 to 2017. There are big development challenges, it is here that I will finally feel useful ”.

“There is no pleasure in being in the National Assembly”

A term and a half as an opposition deputy left him with a taste for “frustration”. “To weigh now, you have to be elected local. This is where it happens, analyzes the fifties. Unless you are a lawyer and like to make laws, there is no pleasure in being in the National Assembly ”.

Valérie Lacroute comes up against Anne-Marie Marchand (LR), the one she had dubbed to succeed him … thinking that she would not overshadow him. “I am the outgoing mayor, I am legitimate to introduce myself,” says Anne-Marie Marchand, 77 years old. Valérie Lacroute has resigned from her post as mayor to be a member of parliament. She does not play the game because she continues to manage the files. It must make way for the acting mayor. When she offered to replace her, I told her that there would not be two mayors in Nemours. She had to help me to ensure continuity on the big files, not to interfere with current management. It is not the role of an MP ”.

Nemourians are not fooled

But Valérie Lacroute has always continued to get involved in this city. What give rise to dissensions, even clans within the municipal council. “It was agreed that I attend the deputy meetings. Anne-Marie Marchand refused. The assistants had to insist, protested Valérie Lacroute, who kept the same office as when she was mayor. In addition, she did not carry the files properly. Me, I remain in my role of deputy and municipal councilor by bringing more trains for example. All without encroaching on the management of the city. ”

Some like Brigitte are surprised that Valérie Lacroute renounces the gold of the National Assembly. “It’s not the same compensation, not the same prestige,” slips this sixty-something woman. Anyway, she always continued to run the town hall. If she is elected, she has a job to modernize Nemours ”. Others salute the work accomplished since 2008. “She has done a lot for the city,” says Lionel. I don’t know who the current mayor is. ” For Catherine, the “bad pass of LR” has something to do with it. “His future is blocked in Paris. So she looks for solutions, she analyzes. She probably has broader ideas. “


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