News Municipal in Paris: barely named, Buzyn buries two controversial...

Municipal in Paris: barely named, Buzyn buries two controversial measures by Griveaux



TAKE PLACE – After replacing Benjamin Griveaux at short notice, Agnès Buzyn does not intend to take up the program of the candidate who resigned as mayor of Paris to the letter. The new leader of LaREM has chosen to dismiss two measures – contested – carried by his predecessor.

“You will have my roadmap quickly, it will be very clear”. Barely invested candidate for mayor of Paris by LaREM, Agnès Buzyn seeks to set the tone of her flash campaign. Having only four weeks to convince, the former Minister of Health is trying to appropriate the program hitherto carried by Benjamin Griveaux, out of play after the dissemination of intimate videos. As of Monday evening, several sources within the majority had indicated that the new candidate was going to “want to impose her mark” by putting “in her project more solidarity, health, care”.

Vegetation of the Gare de l’Est: “Not on major urban projects”

And, in this inventory right, the new leader of LaRem is ready to bury two flagship measures, but very controversial, of its predecessor: the displacement of the Gare de l’Est to create a “Central Park” in Paris and the contribution of 100,000 euros to enable the middle classes to buy an apartment in the capital. “His priority is the daily life of Parisians, very concrete projects”, summarizes with AFP one of the head of the district list.

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“I know what he needs,” says Agnès Buzyn, speaking of the city of Paris

Regarding the “Central Park” on the tracks of the Gare de l’Est, in order to make it a “green lung”, Buzyn “does not share the idea that a project of this nature can be carried out”, a let know USAinformations a head of list present Monday at the lunch of the ex-minister. “It is not on major urban projects, it is initially to appease Paris, to make it cleaner and quieter.” The proposal clumsily made by Benjamin Griveaux on January 26 had been mocked and criticized on social networks. “I propose to move the Gare de Lyon to Lyon, so the train journey will be shorter”, had quipped on Twitter the first deputy mayor of Paris Emmanuel Grégoire, who is also campaign director for Anne Hidalgo.

100,000 euros of contribution to become an owner: Buzyn did not “understand”

Exit also the 100,000 promised to the middle classes for the acquisition of housing, measure that the former Minister of Health did not “understand”. The candidate Griveaux wanted to offer an advance to Parisians with the objective of buying an apartment. In exchange for this, once the property was sold, the city recovered its initial stake. The boss of the Century 21 agency network Laurent Vimont had in particular warned against the rise in prices that such a measure would entail. “This is a great way to raise property prices in Paris a little more”, had he written.

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“We have no time for controversies and measures that could be misunderstood,” summed up a campaign executive, interviewed by Franceinfo. Agnes Buzyn should rule very quickly on these abandonments.

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