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municipal elections | Mertz : “The only ones to wear a green project and solidarity “


They were in need. Need to formalise, to blacken on the paper an alliance that is based, for their opponents, a mere opportunistic calculations. “In our case, 1 + 1 makes more than 2 “, certifies Bertrand Mertz, crossing the next Guy Harau.

The former mayor of Thionville (2008-2014) scrutinizes the surroundings of his local campaign. It is in the expectation of a valuable asset, a program freshly printed and signed from his hand and from that of the candidate for Europe Ecology-The Greens. The printing has been delayed, the truck will land eventually in due time. What does it matter, in the end. The two men banging on the base of this reconciliation : “An ecological city based on solidarity “. The head of the list assures us : “We are the only ones with Guy (Harau), Brigitte (Vaïsse) and Nadya (Dengel, candidate the head of the list That YOUR Thionville) to wear a true green project. The other offer of policy another time.” “Of mesurettes, even ! “according to Guy Harau.

Home improvement

Behind the words, concrete ways of working. The health crisis has in particular strengthened their certainty in terms of housing improvement : “This is one of the major lessons of this crisis : we must contribute to make the apartments more qualitative, whether in energy terms or in quality of life. People want terraces, one outside, ” explains Brigitte Vaïsse. Guy Harau agrees. The concorde seems to be perfect between all the parties : “It is,” insists Bertrand Mertz.

Even on the question of taxes. The discussions of common temper, finally, the first desire of the former chief magistrate, namely, reduce the tax burden : “Even if it always remains our ambition, it is a commitment under terms of the actual financial position of the City and the commitment of the State “. One certainty, however : “We will increase not “. Behind this ” we “does not hide not a union front,” but that of a progressive left. We’re not together just to win an election, but to create a new world. ”



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