MUI’s Allegation About the Cause of Many Langkat Residents Apostasy


A number of residents in Langkat RegencyNorth Sumatra (North Sumatra), reportedly out of Islam (apostate). The North Sumatran Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) revealed that there were external and internal factors that allegedly caused them to opt out.

“There are two things, external and internal factors,” said Head of the North Sumatran MUI Da’wah Division, M. Hatta, to secondsNorth SumatraSunday (15/5/2022).

From external factors, said Hatta, there are groups that massively invite residents to leave Islam. The group initially offered jobs and financial offers.

“Externally there are systemic efforts made by certain groups so that there is a shock within a person. For example job offers, financial offers, this is external,” said Hatta.

Meanwhile, Hatta explained from internal factors, namely the matter of a Muslim’s faith. Hatta said a Muslim who left Islam because his faith was weak.

“But internally, it is the weakness of faith that exists in Muslims so that it is easily shaken,” he explained.

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