MotoGP Portugal, Lorenzo’s predictions about Marc Marquez are proven to be accurate – Former racer MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo, has predicted the results achieved Marc Marquez on the race MotoGP Portugal 2021.

Before the Portuguese MotoGP race at the Algarve International Circuit, Portimao, took place on Sunday (18/4/2021), Jorge Lorenzo predicted that Marc Marquez would not reach the podium.

Because, according to Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez, who has just returned from injury, still needs time to be able to perform optimally in one full race.

In addition, Jorge Lorenzo considers the Algarve International Circuit to be too difficult for Marc Marquez, who has been absent for nine months from the MotoGP race.

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Based on Jorge Lorenzo’s explanation, the difficulties of the Algarve International Circuit have manifested themselves through the track which has up and down contours.

In the eyes of Jorge Lorenzo, the up and down contours of the Algarve International Circuit track are more difficult than Laguna Seca (United States) and Jarama (Spain) which have similar contours.

“On a track like that, with the climbs and descents that are more difficult than Laguna Seca and Jarama, Marc will not be on the podium,” Lorenzo said. PaddockGP.

“He returns to MotoGP after almost a year out due to his serious injury.”

“I have never seen an injury that kept a racer out for so long,” said the former racer who is now test rider the factory Yamaha team.

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After the Portuguese MotoGP race took place, Lorenzo’s predictions proved to be accurate.

Marc Marquez, who raced with the Repsol Honda team, had to settle for finishing in seventh place and failing to reach the podium.

The Baby Alien, nicknamed Marc Marquez, was 13.208 seconds behind the winner of the Portuguese MotoGP race, Fabio Quartararo (Monster Energy Yamaha).

However, Marc Marquez’s achievement is still fairly slick, considering his condition, which has just returned from a long injury.

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After finishing seventh and returning to the pits, Marquez was greeted with applause from the Repsol Honda crew.

At the same time, Marquez couldn’t hold back the tears.

“I am a person who prefers to keep emotions. However, when I came back to the pits after the race and saw all the crew, I could not control my emotions,” said Marquez.

“It’s been a long time since I dreamed of finishing the MotoGP race. What happened today was the biggest step in my recovery,” said Marquez.

“My dream is to return to being a MotoGP racer. Of course I am tired, but this is a very exciting moment,” said Marquez after the Portuguese MotoGP race.

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Furthermore, Marc Marquez and other riders will continue the struggle in the Spanish MotoGP.

The Spanish MotoGP is scheduled to take place at the Jerez Circuit from April 30 to May 2, 2021.


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