Moscow Mayor’s office explained the conditions for taxi drivers during admission

For taxi drivers to drive around the city, it is enough to have a taxi license and a waybill, Kommersant’s Moscow Transport Department told Kommersant. A special pass for taxi drivers is not provided.

If the driver first needs to get to his car (for example, if the car is stored in a special parking lot), a digital pass will still be required: when applying for it, you will need to indicate the data of the permit holder (i.e. the employer) or the data of the individual entrepreneur.

The access system in the capital and the region, recall, has been operating since April 15. Citizens can apply for three types of passes: official (for a trip to work), for a trip to a doctor or a one-time pass for a trip “for personal purposes” (issued no more than twice a week). Taxi drivers are required to check passes with passengers using the Moscow Assistant application (more than 10 thousand drivers have already installed the program).

On the plans of the mayor’s office to give grants to taxi drivers transporting medical personnel employed in infectious diseases hospitals – in the material “b”.


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