Mortgaged UVA march to Congress to demand a credit restructuring

The debtors declared themselves in a state of emergency after the Executive determined a new scheme to the one established by the Mauricio Macri administration.

UVA debtors from all over the country will march to the National Congress to request a restructuring of the credit system they obtained during Mauricio Macri’s administration, which became impossible to pay.

“We summon the Obelisk to mobilize the National Congress and in every part of the country where there is a UVA debtor, to demonstrate with keys and carry blue and white ribbons to hang,” the victims said in a statement.

It is that, the debtors want their situation to be part of the legislative agenda and that a solution is debated to put a stop to the debt they contracted, that the ceiling of the value of the UVA is restructured and an accessible payment plan is drawn up.

In this sense, the group of mortgaged, which brings together not only those who signed up for the house sale plan but also those who bought cars, is still waiting for a meeting with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa .

In addition, the group denounces that in March 2020, President Alberto Fernndez ordered a pandemic aid in which the quota was frozen, and a convergence plan of 18 quotas was made, which was not beneficial but rather annexed a new one. debt.

It is worth remembering that on February 1 the unfreezing of the value of the loan installments ended and the start of the 18-month convergence scheme, a scenario that leaves those who accessed the loans completely helpless and unprotected.

“We do not understand how under the discourse of the right to housing, never since the beginning of its administration, stop the value of Uva and the debt ball that was generated since 2018 from exponential inflation,” indicated the victims.

Likewise, the debtors assured that the initiative “is not a benefit, but rather reaffirms that UVA credits increased more than we can afford and there are no palliative measures that result, the only way out is the elimination of the system.”

With the convergence of prices of UVA credits, which will last until July 2022, an increase of 50% in the installments was calculated in the update of payments for February, although the national government had forecast between 6 and 9%.

On the other hand, the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi, anticipated that the Government is working on a new system of mortgage loans for the purchase of housing, adjusted for the salary variation.

The initiative is intended for people who earn up to 7 or 8 minimum salaries ($ 172,800) and will be awarded through the Mortgage Bank and live with the Procrear plan.

“There will be a policy that is not to buy a used home, but to build, and that the adjustment has to do with the salary formula, and not with the UVA, to change the concept of financial recovery,” Ferraresi assured.


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