Sport Mortada Mansour, Zamalek no less important than sports and...

Mortada Mansour, Zamalek no less important than sports and Barcelona.. and 16 million


The chancellor stressed Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, donated 16 million pounds for the club two months ago, indicating to me that it’s usually time’s prestige and of the best clubs of the world no less than Barcelona and Real Madrid after the club was “other” for 60 years -according to the saying-.

Said Mortada Mansour in the program slot with the channel Zamalek: “we reached the Championship final of the Africa Champions League in front of the sun downs, we got the league and cup competitions, which were not denied any of them since 28 years”, adding: “We won the Egypt Cup 5 consecutive years and achieved a record high, and we won the scoundrels and the Egyptian Saudi Arabia, we have achieved super African banks”.

Added Wearing Mansour: “I don’t sleep to build a club at the highest level and reviewed the wars and fierce, and continued: “I’m a mountain and turned a lot,” he continued: “I fight for the dignity of wasted time there since 60 years, the Zamalek at least Ahly or Barcelona or Real Madrid”.

It was Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, has denied rumors that the land of fire in 6th of October city has been withdrawn, stressed the head of the White House that the land is still dedicated to Zamalek, and contracted with a company to build the stadium and the club social and the city of sports, he said work on the necessary maintenance will be start work the beginning of next week.

Said Mortada Mansour, in comments to the official website of the club Zamalek, the frequency of slander and lies, noting that the club will take all legal actions against the promoter of this rumor to be a lesson to those who believe.

Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a member of the board of Directors of the Zamalek club, has been revealed about the meeting that gathered him with the implementing company to create the club in 6th October city including the stadium, Zamalek, indicating that the company is executing when the great experience in construction of stadiums, and they were processed through the stadium of the championship Africa last hosted by Egypt during the past period.



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