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Mortada Mansour: what happens messes


Description Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club what he is doing Amr al-ganayen chairman of the committee of five that runs the NFL is a”burden”.

The sports minister had earlier announced about the decision of the Egyptian government to complete the activity of football in the currency arrangements beginning from June 20, accessibility of the start of the competitions of the 25th day of the month of July in the Proceedings of coexistence with the novel coronavirus (SGRF-19).

Said Mortada Mansour, in comments to the channel “Al Zamalek”, “what does Amr El ganayen and ball tampering, we do not play league until the split of the meetings of the officials of the clubs, groups, one led by Al Ahly and the other led by Zamalek”.

He added, “I should have invited all clubs to hold a one sitting, who doesn’t want to be in it is free, from beyond are blocking his voice, but did Amr El ganayen afraid to share with him such as, what happened is not good, absolutely”.

He continued, “If there was one meeting of each of the clubs he could listen to the opinion of Mahmoud Khatib, head of the civil and it, or convinced it is the opinion of me.”

One “what distracted by the gardener and that there is no vote, this is wrong surely, is not our problem that the commission came without election and through the appointment and does not understand anything about democracy, the gardener says that it will apply the regulations on the From does not negate the decision to complete the International and the threat of landing clubs, he can’t do this and don’t have the resolution of the foundation”.

Continued “the government wants the return of life to nature, but through the methods and terms, we must open the mosques first hotels and tourist for dollars by pitches”.

He concluded, “I wish to belong to the threats of AMR’s fantastic on landing the clubs that will not accept the completion of the season and interested clubs Section II and III that do not have the funds, I know you were responsible for one of the banks and culture of sports is not great”.




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