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Mortada Mansour: Hasan Shehata, refused to appear in the channel Zamalek to celebrate his birthday


Reproachful Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, the teacher Hassan Shehata technical director for the national team of Egypt’s former president, because of his refusal to make schools phone via the screen mask “Zamalek” in order to celebrate his birthday, No. 73, where he born June 19, 1947, wrote “teacher” his name in letters of gold in history of African football through the prism of achievements and trophies will not forget the memory of the designers, especially that Pat Hunter tournaments historic Pharaohs.

Said Mortada Mansour during a raid of a telephone across the screen “Zamalek” it is the establishment of celebration great for a supercharger because of the solutions his birthday, when he tried to team the setup procedure raid the phone with him, refused, saying: “as the value you have to offer us, see Zamalek is not the property of the free Mansour but the property of his children”, he added: “Your son the cream is of the wrong in our right, and did not go beyond on the right”.

Started Hassan Shehata his football career with the club Zamalek, at the age of ten a student in elementary school Kafr rotor, joined in his childhood club Kafr El Dawar, one of the clubs of the second class at the time, immediately after his trial with the product freely against the national view Muhammad well my dream team manager of the National join Zamalek which was. Wong supercharger in his first game with Zamalek, set up in November 1966, in make 3 goals to win the Zamalek 4-0.

After the outbreak of the war of June 1967, the timing of the local competition in Egypt, join a supercharger club Kazma Kuwait, and has achieved several successes in Kuwait, including receiving the title of best player in Asia 1970 thus, a supercharger is the only player who won the title of best player in the continent other than the continent of his origin, as he was recruited by the Kuwaiti armed forces participated with Kuwait in World Military Championship in Bangkok in Thailand, also participated with the national Kuwait at the Asian Championship.

Usually Shehata of Egypt in 1971 to complete his career with Zamalek, during his time as a player among the ranks of Zamalek got the International Bank once in the season 1977-1978, Cup Egypt three times in the seasons of 1974-1975 and 1976-1977 and 1978-1979, and was able to achieve 77 goals in the league in the factory, and five goals in the cup of Egypt, the six objectives of the club Zamalek in Africa, and was well a supercharger has the objective of progress in one of the matches of Zamalek sectors which has been canceled to be the weirdest goal eliminates the player out of sequence, I got a supercharger on the prize “the best player in Egypt” in 1976 and “Medal of sport of first class” in 1980.

Granted the masses SCSI the title of teacher Hassan Shehata because of its who enjoy the art and fun and has goals of Hassan Shehata with the famous “O supercharger, teacher let the youth speak” to become the title of the exhibition, and always with a good supercharger.

Work of the supercharger in the field of training immediately after his retirement, the beginning was with said Zamalek Under 19 years, then headed the training of Al Wasl of the UAE in 1986, then Mars Bank and Oman Union of Alexandria, and succeeded in driving three clubs in Egypt are the clubs of semen and and was elected to the Suez difficulties for the premier class minimum in the period between 1996 and 2000.

Leaders Hassan Shehata Egypt youth to win the title of championship of Africa Youth for 2003 of Burkina Faso which is what the people of the region to participate in the World Cup for the United Arab Emirates, as the leaders of the fighters to win the Egypt Cup in 2004 after beating Al Ahly 2-1. Bringing the fighters of the first team playing in the second division and in this tournament, heard a supercharger in making a boom with the Wolves of the mountain and led them to win by the bank in 2004 on account of Zamalek for the first time Php the history of the club.

Announced Essam Abdel-Moneim, president of the Union Bank at the time on 28 October 2004 appointment of Shehata as artistic director temporarily for a successor for Tardelli, and then turned the temporary contract to contractor a final on 13 January 2005 to lead on the middle of Egypt to accomplish my history to get 3 championships Africa consecutive 2006 and 2008 and 2010 in the previous not talked to any coach in the continent or outside of it or the middle until he gets the championship of continent 3 successive occasions.

As the Games strong in the World Cup intercontinental 2009 and achieved victory over Italy and the loss of Brazil with difficulty by the sudden exit of America, said the middle of Egypt to the tenth place in the classification of the International Federation of football associations (FIFA) for the month of February 2010, which is the best ranking achieved by a product but an African who happens in history after the middle of the Nigeria Golden fifth place in 1994. Then provide the appropriate factory for the center of the ninth in the classification of the month of July 2010.

Took the Hassan Shehata the task of artistic director of the first team of football club Zamalek on the day of July 12, 2011 successor to the former technical Hossam well, announced a contract the next day, but his career with the clubs had been unsuccessful where the failure of the supercharger with Zamalek and my country, and some teams interest.



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