More than a fifth of young people thought of suicide during the last lockdown

22 percent of young people between the ages of 12 and 25 thought they would seriously end their life during the last lockdown in the period December 2021 to February 2022. In addition, many young people suffered from stress, psychological complaints, fatigue, irritability, problems with memory and/or concentration, headaches and sleeping problems.

This is apparent from a poll among 5826 young people by Network GOR (Health Research in Disasters), which consists of various organizations and parties from, among others, public health care and the government. According to Network GOR, GPs also registered 37 percent more often suicide among young people and thoughts about it or attempts to do so. It is striking that significantly fewer young people had suicidal thoughts in the previous measurements of the network. In December 2021, 9 percent of young people had suicidal thoughts and in September 2021, 8 percent. During the last measurement, the number of corona infections grew and there was a lockdown, unlike the previous two measurement periods.

According to the researchers, the young people who seriously considered suicide often also suffered from loneliness, reduced mental health and PTSD symptoms. In addition, young people who experienced an event related to corona, such as hospitalization or a loved one who died from corona, more often had suicidal thoughts.

According to Netwerk GOR, most people over the age of 25 were doing better psychologically in the same period than young people. But the network also sees that the group between 25 and 35 years of age suffered from psychological complaints more often than the older groups. Between the ages of 36 and 75 the proportion with psychological complaints decreases further, while it increases again above the age of 76.

Network GOR collects knowledge in a five-year program about the consequences of slow, long-term crises on physical and mental health.

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