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More games for Nintendo Switch in 2019 than for PS4 and Xbox One combined: DailyGame


Mat piscatella, NPD Group’s video game industry analyst said on Twitter that more games will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2019 than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined.

Did you know how many games for Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released in 2019?

“We tracked over 1,480 new releases on Nintendo Switch in the U.S. in 2019,” said Piscatella. “That’s … that’s a lot of new game releases for Switch last year, 400+ more than the PS4 and Xbox One combined.”

Piscatella published a table that shows that in the first three years far more games on the Switch were published as on the Nintendo Wii, The Wii peaked at around 400 games released in its third year, less than a third of the number released on the Switch published games.

He adds that games discovered in the eShop have been a challenge for developers, as one of the great ways to beat the deals charts is to sell games for just $ 0.99.

“Findability remains a difficult challenge,” he said. “At the moment, when prices are at $ 0.99, it’s not ideal to get to the top of the deals charts.”

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