Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov: What is the real cause…

Monika Bagarova Makhmud Muradov

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During the holidays, Monika Bagárová confided to the fans that she no longer formed a couple with her daughter’s father, Makhmud Muradov. The reasons for the breakup of the relationship have been speculated from the beginning, and according to certain sources, the MMA wrestler should have had a parallel relationship in Uzbekistan. In reality, however, the couple was divided on other issues.

Monika Bagárová got together with Makhmud Muradov three years ago. The singer then wrote to a sexy wrestler on Instagram, and one report eventually developed a serious relationship.

A year later, Bagárová gave birth to a daughter, Rumia, and from social media contributions, it seemed that the young family was experiencing the ultimate happiness. But the opposite was true.

In recent months, Makhmud has completely disappeared from Bagárová’s Instagram, although before that the star regularly boasted of joint photographs. Fans had more and more questions about how it really is between the two. The singer tried to deny any crisis until the last moment, but in the end she admitted at Christmas what everyone already knew.

Another woman in Uzbekistan?

“Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, even though you fought until the last minute. I think it’s fair to tell you we’re not family anymore. Mach and I broke up for many reasons. But we’ll both try so that the Romanian woman does not lack a smile and the joy of life. It is a thing that hurts and it is not easy to talk about her. There has never been anything more than love and family for me. I have decided to evaporate from the Internet world for a while now and I will devote myself fully to myself and my Ruminka, “Monika Bagárová wrote on Instagram the day after Christmas Day.

The singer received hundreds of questions as to why Muradov hadn’t come to the holidays to visit her and her daughter, so she decided to reveal the truth.

Although the Superstar juror kept the reasons for the breakup, she immediately received some “guaranteed” information that the wrestler was unfaithful and even had to have another child in Uzbekistan with another woman. But the reality is a little different.

Political career

Makhmud Muradov has been fully engaged in his work projects for the last year, and it is his constant departures to Uzbekistan that have created a huge gap between him and Bagar.

“Once it was supposed to be the father’s health problems, other times it was business problems. And Monika was left alone with her daughter and all the duties or joys,” the web source revealed. with the proviso that the wrestler may also pursue politics.

Muradov has reportedly begun to associate with political leaders in his home country, including the president’s son, and it is possible that he himself has political ambitions. But the desire for a stellar career eventually became the star of the MMA family.

Bagárová and Muradov seemed like an ideal couple


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