“Molly West” by Philippe Charlot, an outlaw in the era of time

“The devil in petticoats”, first volume, of “Molly West”, the new series in two episodes by Xavier Fourquemin and Philippe Charlot comes out this Wednesday.

Molly West is not who you think. In the guise of designer Xavier Fourquemin, this mysterious woman takes shape with a spirit of revenge. The author Philippe Charlot takes her on horseback in an America he knows well, that of cacti and twirls, where the disillusionment of the Confederates still hovers after the Civil War (1861-1865). “The story takes place in Texas. I played there quite a few times in this corner, in duet with a Texan”, smiles the screenwriter, also a guitarist.

“The devil in petticoats”, first volume of “Molly West”, appears this Wednesday, January 26.


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One month, a comic book author from Béarn: Philippe Charlot, the adventurous musician

One month, a comic book author from Béarn: Philippe Charlot, the adventurous musician

One month, one author: immersed in bubbling Béarnaise comics. “Sud Ouest” Béarn goes to meet the authors and authors of comic strips of the territory. Second episode with Philippe Charlot, globe-trotting guitarist and screenwriter, who will take readers to the borders of the United States this Wednesday with his new series “Molly West” and on the banks of the Thames with “Londonish”

Molly’s Secret

“The devil in petticoats”, title of the first volume of a series in two episodes, is revealed over the pages. It gives us another look at this Far West that we fantasize about so much. Molly West reads books, dresses with northern elegance and wields the gun like a western legend. “She is a very angry woman, she is an outlaw for a good cause”, draws up her creator Philippe Charlot.

The heroine “out of period standards” pursues a mysterious quest in the company of a miserable young orphan. These two makeshift companions skim misadventures, encounters and saloon quips as they move forward. Will attitudes one day change? Molly West has no more time, she pulls out her gun.

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