Ministry of Health Says Covid-19 Cases in Children and Pregnant Women are Increasing – Director of Prevention and Control of Directly Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi asked the public to comply with health protocols. Namely wearing a mask, keeping a distance and washing hands with soap and running water.

This appeal continues to be conveyed considering the increasing number of Covid-19 cases. In fact, the increase in Covid-19 cases occurred in the age group of children and pregnant women.

“We remind and urge the public to continue to strictly adhere to health protocols and to stay at home. Especially in the age group of children and pregnant women, considering that Covid-19 cases in this group tend to increase,” he said at a press conference, Wednesday (7 /7).

Nadia reminded the age group of children and pregnant women who are very vulnerable to being exposed to Covid-19. Moreover, until now there is no Covid-19 vaccine that is recommended for children under 12 years old and pregnant women.

Therefore, the health protocol is the only key for the age group of children and pregnant women to protect themselves from Covid-19.

“The current protection is to keep strict health protocols,” he said.

Data from the Ministry of Health, as many as 2,379,397 people in Indonesia were confirmed positive for Covid-19. Of this total, 62,908 people died, 1,973,388 have recovered and 343,101 are still undergoing treatment or isolation.

When viewed from the age group, the most confirmed cases of Covid-19 were contributed by the age group of 31 to 45 years, which was 29 percent. Then followed by the age group 19 to 30 years as much as 24.7 percent and the age group 46 to 59 years 22.4 percent.

Meanwhile, the age group above 60 years recorded as much as 11.3 percent, the age group 6 to 18 years 9.7 percent and the age group under 5 years as much as 2.9 percent. (mdk/ded)


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