Minister of Finance on the Polish Lada. “There is no need to delay”

From 1 January, a package of tax changes included in the Polish Lada comes into force. From the new year, it will also be possible to apply for a new family benefit, i.e. Family Caring Capital.

– The Polish Order is a change of the tax system in Poland, eliminating its injustices, so there is no point in waiting with its introduction – believes Minister of Finance Tadeusz Kościński.

– I think this is a very good time – Kościński said on Tuesday in TVP Info, referring to the tax solutions coming into effect on 1 January.

“You have to do it as soon as possible”

– Looking at the Polish Order from the tax point of view, I think we all agree that health is the most important and that the health sector should be financed. That is why we have decided that the health insurance contribution will not be tax deductible. I think we all agree that it needs to be done as soon as possible – indicated the head of the finance ministry.

In his opinion, the biggest change is the increase in the tax-free amount, which will help the most for those who earn less. Currently, as Kościński said, “those who earn less pay higher taxes as a percentage”. He also noted that it will also be raised to 120,000. the threshold from which you pay 32 percent PIT.

As Kościński added, another injustice being eliminated is that people earning 3-4 thousand. gross, they pay about 400 zlotys of health insurance per month, and their employers earn 30-40 thousand zlotys. gross pay her less. – This is absolutely unfair. What we do, i.e. we do not allow tax contributions to be deducted, is as fair as possible. Those who earn more will pay more – noted the minister.

He also announced that the ministry would closely monitor the development of inflation. He assured that the ministry is prepared for every variant, and if there is such a need, the so-called anti-inflation shield will be elongated.

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