Mindelheim: The city of Mindelheim’s insurance company terminates after a claim

After the termination, the Mindelheim administration had to sign a new contract. Why the cheapest offer did not come into play.

A lightning strike in the early summer of last year not only paralyzed numerous computers in the town hall. The phone did not work at times either. Back then, it took two days for the city administration to return to normal operations. The case now had further consequences. Before the administrative, finance and works committee, treasurer Wolfgang Heimpel explained that the city had taken out flat-rate electronics insurance with the Bavarian Insurance Chamber until 2015. In 2016, after an invitation to tender, Ergo Versicherung came to the fore. Since then, the contract has been tacitly extended from year to year, unless canceled three months before it expires. Now the cancellation of the insurance fluttered into the town hall. Reason: the incident with the lightning bolt. The city therefore needs new insurance in January 2022.

Barriers and parking ticket machines in Mindelheim are also insured

In an invitation to tender, Gothaer Versicherung emerged as the winner. The sum insured is 4117 euros. The disadvantage: this involves a deductible of 1000 euros. And so the Bavarian Insurance Chamber comes back into play. Your policy costs 4946 euros and is therefore supposedly more expensive. In their offer, however, the deductible is 500 euros. That is a comprehensive insurance protection. Barrier systems, parking ticket machines and pay machines are also insured. These systems are currently still covered by their own insurance, which costs 474 euros a year. Kämmerer Heimpel now wants to terminate this insurance.

Roland Ahne understands the termination

Mayor Stephan Winter also pointed out the around 200 I-Pads and teacher laptops that the city provides for schools. These devices are protected with the new policy, as are the 120 digital alarm receivers for the fire brigade. The award therefore went unanimously to the Insurance Chamber. Roland Ahne (SPD) took the ergo insurance under protection. There were two major losses that led to the termination of the contract. Ahne was an insurance specialist for Ergo until his retirement. (jsto)


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