Millions of years ago Planet Earth was ruled by the ‘flower regime’

NewsBulukumbaPlanet Earth not completely controlled by dinosaurs in its era but there are alsoregime flower‘ millions of years ago.

Reported by from Science alert on Saturday 8 January 2022, according to a 2021 paper, evolution plant flowering has set off an explosion diversity life from Planet Earth.

Most of the plant what we now eat, drink, wear, and build are of the variety flowering.

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They are called Angiospermae, which is translated from Greek as ‘vessel’.

“More than one million species Modern insects owe their livelihood to Angiospermae, as pollinators such as bees and wasps, as leaf eaters such as beetles, grasshoppers, and insects, or eat nectar like butterflies,” said paleobotanis Pennsylvania State University, Peter Wilf.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, it is estimated that most of the species from Planet Earth live in the ocean even though nowadays most of it diversity life is found on land.

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In a recently published literature review, University of Bristol paleobiologist Michael Benton and colleagues argue that these changes, which are thought to have occurred about 100 million years ago, were driven by plant flowering.


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