Mihail Mikov will no longer be a member of the BSP – Bulgaria

“The BSP obviously has no brakes and has started a downward trend that will further reduce public influence. The congressional finding that leader Cornelia Ninova has not resigned has led many BSP members to say they are not members. And I find that I am no longer a member of the BSP. ”

This was stated to BNR by Mihail Mikov, former BSP leader, former parliamentary speaker and interior minister in the tripartite coalition government.

According to him, by participating in power, the BSP cannot achieve anything significant in political terms, but only in personal terms.

TOthe BSP congress did not accept Ninova’s resignation

“There is a public need for a new left-wing party. There will probably be a process of fragmentation on the left. These talks must start, because today the left is not presented either in parliament or as a public discussion, “Mikov said.

He also commented on the planned reforms in the Ministry of Interior. “The investigation is the main function of the Ministry of Interior, the prosecutor’s office supervises, the investigating police officers should have more powers, and they should also have more responsibility. Investigators must be trusted, and if they abuse their rights, there are texts in the Penal Code that they are responsible. The prosecutor’s office cannot be bypassed, it has an accusatory function, which is a constitutional function. The capacity for investigation in Bulgaria of the investigating police officers is too small, it should be strengthened by the Ministry of Interior and not by the Customs, in KPKONPI. Attempts to remove the investigative functions from the Ministry of Interior and from the investigation within the prosecutor’s office were unsuccessful. That is, strengthening the system, strengthening opportunities, clear responsibilities for each investigating officer. “

Mikov: Stoilov and Zarkov wanted Ninova’s resignation

According to Mikov, the reforms should take place calmly, calmly and once they are clear, then they should be announced.

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