Middle Eastern Countries Potentially Uninhabitable If Heat Wave Continues : Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Temperature Earth it’s getting very hot right now. The environmental organization Greenpeace also called the Middle East country potentially uninhabitable if climate change is not addressed immediately.

Based on the Greenpeace Twitter account, Saturday (14/5/2022), it was stated that Middle Eastern countries would be the ones most affected by extreme climate change.

Middle Eastern countries will feel unusual heat due to heatwaves, making them an uninhabitable place over time.

“Many countries in South Asia and the Middle East are also feeling unusual heat due to a heatwave,” Greenpeace tweeted.

“If this continues, Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East will become uninhabitable in the coming decades,” he added.

The recent increase in Earth’s temperature has not only occurred in Middle Eastern countries, but also in Indonesia. People in various regions in Indonesia are complaining about the unusually hot weather.

In Ciputat, South Tangerang, the temperature can reach 36.1 degrees Celsius. Making it the record holder for the area with the hottest weather in Indonesia this past week.

To note, climate change that causes temperatures to become hot occurs due to several factors. It could be due to the greenhouse effect, increased emissions, motor vehicle fumes, to changes in the earth’s orbit.

Climate change can not only increase Earth’s temperature, but also raise sea levels, cause floods and storms. It is not impossible that the habitats of various living things will be destroyed.

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