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Microsoft: Xbox Series X design delivers 70 percent more airflow – Gaming – News


The housing of the Xbox Series X with an axial fan at the top provides 70 percent more airflow than previous designs, according to Microsoft. The console maker says this in an explanation of the design choices.

The current Xbox Series X prototype includes an internal 315W power supply to power the powerful hardware. Chris Kujawski, principal designer at Microsoft, says to Eurogamer that the choice of the standing design is mainly based on the cooling of the components.

Kujawski says that Microsoft has done many studies on airflow, and the single axial fan design proved to be the most efficient and quietest. Air is drawn in through a 130mm fan through holes in the bottom and sides along the components and the heatsink. The fan has been adapted and optimized on many fronts. For example, the geometry of the fan blades and the housing is tailored to the design.

Microsoft uses 64 diodes in the soc to read the temperature. The fan is controlled on the basis of that information. An algorithm must ensure that the fan runs as quietly as possible and, where necessary, provides cooling performance if a lot of computing power is required.

Compared to current Xbox consoles, Kujawski’s new design delivers 70 percent more airflow and 20 percent more airflow through the heatsink. The designer emphasizes that splitting the motherboard into two parts is also important for the distribution of the heat in the housing. The two parts of the motherboard are mounted on a large block of aluminum. On the one hand is the soc and the gddr6 memory, on the other the southbridge and the ssd.

The pci-e 4.0-ssd in 22x30mm form factor consumes up to 3.8W. Cooling that SSD is important to ensure consistent presentations. According to Microsoft, the SSD constantly reaches a speed of 2.4 GB / s.

Both Microsoft and Sony have released many technical details in recent weeks regarding their new consoles, due out late this year. Tweakers published a background article about the next-gen consoles. Sony has not yet shown the housing and cooling of the PlayStation 5.


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