Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti together again, the singer breaks the silence on gossip

Eros Ramazzotti not only denied the flashback with Michelle Hunziker, but he defined himself free from any sentimental bond. “They are photographing me with a friend. She is not my fiancée. And I’m not engaged “.

The separation of Michelle Hunziker from Tomaso Trussardi is one of the most talked about gossip of the moment. The couple, very reserved in terms of private life, announced the breakup through a short press release released by Ansa. No comments via social media, neither from those directly involved nor from the daughter of the host Aurora. A silence that has only fueled the curiosity about reasons for the crisis, giving life to the most imaginative gossip. Among these, it was also hypothesized a return of the flame between Hunziker andex-husband Eros Ramazzotti.

Eros Ramazzotti denies the flashback with Michelle Hunziker

The rumor about their possible rapprochement had been spread Dagospia who in recent days had hypothesized a return of the flame on the wave of the gossip of the moment, the one that involved Belen Rodriguez and ex-husband Stefano De Martino. Nothing to do though for Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti. The singer not only categorically denied being back together with the presenter, but he defined himself free from any sentimental bond. “This is a paparazzo who is photographing me with a friend”, Ramazzotti explains in an Instagram Story as reported by Adnkronos. “She’s not my fiancée. E I do not have a girlfriend. I am free. Libero: free, free, free “, conclude.

Ramazzotti and Hunziker remained on good terms

The fact remains that the two former spouses have remained on excellent terms, despite the now distant end of their marriage. To prove it, the shots published on social media by Aurora Ramazzotti last October, which show the family reunited in a restaurant of Brescia. Both parents, to whom Aurora is very attached, are happy and smiling. Their love exploded in the summer of 1995. A little over a year later their first and only daughter was born and in 1998 they got married in Bracciano. Four years later the two separated, only to legally divorce in 2009.

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