Entertainment Michael Wendler: confidante now reveals publicly - "Laura Müller...

Michael Wendler: confidante now reveals publicly – “Laura Müller is a …”


Michael Wendler: confidante now reveals publicly – “Laura Müller is a …”

Michael Wendler and girlfriend Laura Müller have been a couple for over a year.

Michael Wendler and girlfriend Laura Müller have been a couple for over a year.

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Around Michael Wendler and his girlfriend Laura Müller every second conversation turns in the 2020 jungle camp. The reason: Claudia Norberg, Michael Wendler’s ex, has moved into the camp. No wonder that all candidates ask: How was it with Michael Wendler and Laura Müller at the time.

Precarious: Laura Müller got undressed for the Playboy just before the show. The next blow to the neck for Claudia Norberg. But the ex of Michael Wendler met with her mother-in-law Christine Tiggemann before leaving for Australia – and received clear support.

Michael Wendler: Mother pulls over friend Laura Müller – and helps Claudia Norberg

Michael Wendler’s mother pulled the 19-year-old Laura right in front of the RTL cameras. “She could be my grandchild. A doll to play with or something. Laura is not forever. “

+++ jungle camp: bad blood – candidate wants to unpack over Michael Wendler and Laura – then YOU intervenes +++

She even has the hope that everything will be fine again between Michael Wendler and his ex Claudia Norberg. “Somebody new can come again or with Claudia. Everything is open. “


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“Claudia is a strong personality!”

Unlike her son, Christine Claudia Norberg even believes that she can go far at the jungle camp. She is a “strong personality”. As a reminder: Michael Wendler had already given up on the fifth day and shouted the famous words “I’m a star, get me out of here”. Michael Wendler had based his decision on the fact that he felt weak and was also afraid of getting sick. After all, there were still concerts in Germany.

+++ Danni Büchner shocked with this action: “For some macabre!” +++


This is Michael Wendler:

  • Michael Wendler was born on June 22, 1972 in Dinslaken
  • The singer’s name is Michael Skowronek
  • He is a German singer and songwriter
  • In March 2009 he married his partner Claudia Norberg on Sylt
  • The church wedding in Mallorca followed in April 2009
  • In October 2018, Wendler and his wife announced their separation after 29 years
  • Shortly afterwards he met Laura Müller
  • The two went to the summer house of the stars together
  • The couple will celebrate their two-year anniversary in 2020


Surprisingly, after a night in the hotel, the pop bard asked to still want to return to the camp. RTL failed him.

+++ Surprising offer for Laura Müller +++

Claudia Norberg also found clear words about Laura Müller. “I hardly ever speak to Laura Müller,” says the new jungle camper. And Norberg also has a clear opinion about the comparisons between her and the teen: “She is 19, I am 49. If you make comparisons there, you are living in another world,” says the Wendler-Ex to RTL.

Well, we’re looking forward to Power-Claudia in the camp … What happened in the first episode of the new season in the Australian jungle, you can find out here >>>



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