Entertainment Mel Gibson responds to Winona Ryder's strong allegations of...

Mel Gibson responds to Winona Ryder’s strong allegations of anti-Semitism


A past with mistakes

In 2006 the actor was arrested for drunk driving and among his statements, he highlighted one in which he assured that the Jews are to blame for all the wars in the world, adding to this the statements of Hutton Gibson, father of the actor, who constantly questioned the existence of the Holocaust.

In addition, in 2010 the actor was involved in a strong scandal, after his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian pianist, denounced him for mistreatment, presenting to the court some recordings in which Gibson’s physical abuse was documented, because on the tape, a struggle between the two is heard, when Oksana He was carrying the two-month-old daughter he had just had with the actor.

“If a pack of blacks raped you, you would deserve it. I’m going to go there, and I’m going to set fire to the house, but first you’re going to suck it … “was another of the phrases captured.

The list of controversies regarding unfortunate statements that the actor has made is very long and includes aggressiveness, anger attacks and even death threats for a film critic who dared to say that his film, Passion of Christ, he had not liked.

“I want to kill him, I want his intestines on a stick, I want to kill his dog,” he said in an interview.



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