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I stayed with this topic from the previous column for space, but once I give you a hint: what a master class that Lillini gave Solari on Sunday at Azteca to eliminate it. They told me who gave the University helmsman the fundamental tips to beat Ame: my Doctor Mejía Barón de Oro.

It turns out that the great Doc did the analysis of the rival for the Quarters and gave him the key: he detected that the Eagles had no recovery in the midfielders, especially on the left, where Lainez as a winger does not defend well, so, especially in the Vuelta, They decided to throw a lot to Reyes, double marks to dry him, and said and done, even there the opportunity was opened for Mozo to shine.

Then, on the other side, when Solari adjusted to try to send more centers to the stacking he tried above, Lillini realized: Córdova without Sánchez was dead, and to cover Layún he removed the slower from Chispa from the left side to place Jerónimo with a single slogan: dry the player of the America. Master play everywhere, which had the contribution of Doc Mejía Barón, for those who say he does nothing in Cantera. Served.


The winter novel entitled ‘El Barter Prohibido’, which is already being cooked not only on the Canal de las Estrellas but also on Chivas TV, never ceases to amaze: Córdova al Rebaño and Antuna a las Águilas is a matter of days to become official.

Despite the fact that there is already an agreement between the clubs to make the first exchange in their long history as the greatest enemies of Mexican soccer, and that the footballers have already agreed to emigrate to the hated rival, there is still an ‘administrative’ problem that prevents closing the happy operation.

They told me that from the upper echelons of both teams, they had already lowered the order to Peláez and Baños to work accelerating the pace to unlock now, because the noise outside continues to grow and the clubs need to announce the change as soon as possible.


Another novel, I’ll tell you what happened in the world capital of chorizo ​​with the departure of Cristante. What should be clear: his representative ended up stepping it up.

First, it must be explained that Hernán has constantly varied agent in his years as a professional, especially as a technician. In these last tournaments, he signed with one that finally caused his departure, Alex López.

It turns out that for Uriel Pérez to continue with his influence in the scarlet club, he convinced López to be part of the deals, so that he in turn convinced Hernán to accept the players he would propose to them.

Well, they tell me that the directive caught some movements that Cristante’s representative made and in the end it weighed to remove him. They even told me that Hernán is nervous about what López could do to get him to stain him.


What’s more, such bad luck brings the technician of the Toluca, who now even fears that they will not pay him what they owe him, not only the club, but a player!

First, I’ll tell you that Cristante had a contract until next summer, and that as soon as the humiliation against Pumas ended, Suinaga reaffirmed that he would continue on the bench. What’s more, on Monday of this week, Hernán and Villazón sat down again, even with Sinha, with whom the Argentine hardly spoke, to define preseason and reinforcements, of which Alex López had already given him three to request in Toluca. , a center, a steering wheel and a front center. From 10 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon just.

Even the coaching staff communicated one by one with the players who go on vacation to remind them to take care of themselves at halftime, so as not to return fat.

However, in the afternoon came the surprise call from Suinaga: if you have a TV, then you see it there, it turns out that “the club no longer has this project.” They cut it out of nowhere, arguing that the ‘Soccer Council’, the one that everyone talks about and that nobody knows, considered that their time was up. Of course, Cristante is not going to forgive them a weight of what they still owe him. Let’s see if they pay for it.


And of the player who still owes him, what a story of the hairy hand: it turns out that Uriel Pérez is Alexis Canelo’s official representative, and for some rare reason he managed to get Toluca to pay him in an account that the promoter has, so that he can pass the monthly payment to the forward. But since this agent is being investigated from Argentina by authorities, for fear that his accounts would be frozen, he decided to suspend the outbound movements and asked Alexis to put up with his payments.

Canelo accepted, but he ran out of money for a while, so he had to start borrowing, especially from Cristante, who gave him some wool and now that he is no longer at the club, well, let’s see how he ends up paying him.


So well that the league was going below the league on the issue of economic control and consolidation, and we already got the first one to get off the train: Tlaxcala, which is one of the teams that was invited from the Premier to the Expansion.

Well, they told me that the Coyotes are nowhere to be made official that they will not be able to participate in the Closing 2022 due to lack of financial solvency. His preseason was going to start today and they already stopped him until further notice.

They have already informed Mikel Arriola and company and now in the offices of Doña Liga they are working to put together the option of the calendar with 16 teams, without anyone resting.

The Tlaxcala club is waiting for the miracle of a couple of sponsors who come to save them at the last minute, but it is impossible, so it is very close that the first in the short history of the Expansion will download.


To close today, one of the ones I don’t like: in the ‘new’ Fox Sports, the cutting edge of talent has already begun. And it is still missing. I had already told you that the idea of ​​the new administration of Grupo Lauman, which Carlos Martínez operates remotely from his confinement in Miami, has several revolutionary ideas, including removing the ‘entertainment’ part of the channel.

Well, the first to be brushed were precisely those who had variety programs rather than sports, like my dear Jean Duverger, who was about 15 years old on the signal, and so on others like the great Vero Rodríguez or Erika Fernández. On the side of sports talent there will also be changes, and one of the first to say goodbye was Juan Carlos Vázquez, an expert in billet. Times of change and it is never pleasant to see so many colleagues leave.



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