Meet Stephenson 2-18, The Biggest Star In The Universe

PORTALKALTENG – Talking about space is an interesting and endless topic.

Talking about planetasteroids, cluster bintanguntil black holes are able to ignite the passion of science.

As is known together in outer space there are billions bintang and other space objects.

When talking specifically about bintangis Stephenson 2-18 which is bintang the largest giant ever known to date.

According to the planeteducation website, bintang Stephenson 2-18 is estimated to have a diameter of 2,150 times the sun, where the sun itself has a diameter of about 1.34 million kilometers.

that means if Stephenson is placed in our solar system to replace the sun, then its area is approximately reaching up to orbit planet Saturn.

Stephenson 2-18 is located in cluster bintang Stephenson who is in the Scutum cluster.

The Scutum Cluster is located in the southern part of our galaxy, the Milky Way (Milky Way).

Estimated distance between planet Earth is headed for Stephenson 2-18 about 19,000 light-years away.

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