News Mediation meeting in Cabrières-d'avignon about the criaillement of a...

Mediation meeting in Cabrières-d’avignon about the criaillement of a guinea fowl


The closest neighbors were not supported to hear during the containment criaillements of guinea fowls (as the guinea fowl”criaille” according to the exact formula) of this farm of 4,000 chickens, chickens, and capon, whose 400 guinea fowl. A breeding Hens and Co yet installed at this location on the edge of the RD900 the past four years. The couple of neighbours wanted to then gather the residents for a collective complaint requiring the intervention of the new municipality.

Guinea fowl may be expressed in group, that at the time of the meal or if they are afraid

Samantha and Manon Chauvin, the brooders, however, are reminiscent of that “the guinea-fowl are expressed only in the morning when we bring them to eat and otherwise day or night ,they will occur in a group only if there is a danger, someone who approach or an animal. And for us it is reassuring, for example, to the fox with our chickens. But even for the neighbors it is also an alarm system against burglars for example. Anyway, these are the adults that make noise, they are only three months per year. Here we just shoot them, and the young people who replace them have almost no voice. “

A two-hour exchange on site with the mayor and elected officials to defuse the discord

The mayor, elected three weeks ago, Dephine Prest, visited the site Wednesday evening with three elected after having been seized by the neighborhood. The meeting lasted two hours between people for some who do not even know each other : “This has been very constructive, she said. They were at least able to talk. For the moment, it is a status quo. We had considered the solution to move the guinea fowl in particular except that it is technically impossible. It induces to recreate a greenhouse, it is necessary trenching, electricity, water. This has a cost that can not can not ensure the brooders.

“Then it was very interesting because they told the neighborhood that the guinea fowl adults do not emit noise that a few months in the year. From February to June, for example, and there they have killed a number of animals. It is much quieter with the younger ones. For the moment, no one has heard of complaint to the output of the meeting. We exchanged our numbers, there were three of us elected, and we prompted them in case of trouble not to go and inveigh, but to give us a call and we will visit the site to see the problem.”

The town hall of Cabrières-d’avignon has also agreed to install the panels recalling that the path to the livestock and to the neighbouring dwellings is private avoid the entrance of vehicles which give rise to the fright of the guinea fowlanimal very shy, triggering as soon as… a concert of criaillements.


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