News Meanwhile in F1 | Kamphues and Van Gameren give...

Meanwhile in F1 | Kamphues and Van Gameren give each other little space


Between all the important news you can miss a lot during a Grand Prix weekend. No worries, F1 Maximum keep yourself informed in the section ‘Meanwhile in …’ of the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1.

Kamphues and Van Gameren give each other little space

Rob Kamphues and associate Van Gameren had to film on location for filming of the F1 Café. When parking it turned out that the two hardly give each other space …

Verstappen gives driving lessons during sim race

It is already clear that Verstappen, because of his enormous talent, has room in the cockpit to do other things. Also during the dominant display in the simrace yesterday, Verstappen once again showed how calm he stays behind the wheel, he gives the viewers a driving lesson.

The newest family member of the Verstappens

The Verstappens have a new family member, one with a lot of hair. Jos Verstappen posted a photo on Instagram of a cute little four-legged friend who is now part of the Verstappen family.

Verstappen shares his live stream tonight

On Wednesday evening March 25, there will be online races again with many famous drivers, including Max Verstappen. He will be livestreaming both races of this evening through his own Twitch channel. You can hear his own commentary and see his onboard images!

Ricciardo makes a fresh dive at the request of F1

On Instagram, Daniel Ricciardo is challenged by F1 to make a jump in the cold pool. He is trying hard to get out of it.

Fans submit beautiful fan art from Verstappen

Some people are very good at drawing and are a huge fan of Max Verstappen. Some people combine these two interests. The result? Insane fan art van Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull. It looks like a picture ..

“Max tried to be the hero today, and failed”

Lando Norris has now put footage online of the virtual race that was held last Monday. Verstappen and Norris crashed in the last round, after which Kelvin Van der Linde took the victory. Norris chose the right words: “Max tried to be the hero today, and failed.” (Tip: action from 8am)

Norris knocked off the track in the last corner

Lando Norris participated in the virtual Grand Prix of Bahrain. Although he had connection problems, he was in fourth place towards the end of the Grand Prix. Another simracer mercilessly knocked the Brit down in the last corner, Norris had to settle for P5.

Van der Garde challenges Norris and Doornbos

There have been enough in recent weeks challenges over. The entire racing world needs to stay fit in isolation, because no one knows when the season could start. Van der Garde is using this moment well to challenge Lando Norris and Robert Doornbos to the ‘Zie 10, doe 10, tag 10’ challenge.

Fitte Doornbos is happy to take on the couples challenge

You have to do something to stay in shape, and the various fitness challenges will blow your mind on Instagram and Facebook. But if you still have time, why not participate? Exactly what Doornbos must have thought with girlfriend sweetheart Chantal Bles. Great practice, let that core but burn Robert well!

Norris no longer listens to his trainer

The McLaren driver has to stay in shape for the season, but it can be imagined that he has had enough of his normal exercises soon. “When your trainer tells you to do some laps in the yard, but don’t say how.” Time for some variety!

Hamilton critical of herd behavior in England

“Please stay indoors,” said six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton on Instagram earlier. The Brit finds it antisocial that people still go on the street despite the corona virus. “Someone told me this was the tube in London this morning …” he writes disappointed. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images / Ziggo Sport / Mercedes AMG F1 / Ferrari F1 Team)


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