Mead Lough says his band wants to continue touring ‘Idolin Caleb Johnson

meat loaf Stick to the old adage that the show must go on, and caleb johnson – Late Rockers Band singer – Says Neverland Express plans to do just that.

The ‘American Idol’ Season 13 hero is doing his best to fill Meats’ shoes on the BAT tour, telling TMZ…he thinks the boss won’t want them out just because he’s not here anymore.

Instead, Caleb says that the band Meat Loaf will be attached to his Music of Meat Loaf performances… and they plan some tribute to the man behind the music.

He received the blessings of Meat Loaf a few years before he became the lead singer of Neverland Express… and they’ve been on tour since 2018, with Mead Loof joining the stage at an event in Nashville last year.

It’s a sad time for the rock world, but Caleb says the band plans to perform their next show scheduled for February 4 in Uncasville, CT, just the way Mead Lough would have liked.

However, Caleb admitted that he felt pressure to keep the Meets tradition alive…explaining why it’s so hard to sing along to the famous men’s rock tunes.

Imagine playing to a full house for the Neverland Express at their first show since Meat Lof’s death…and Caleb tells us why that guy should be a biography.

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