News McDonald’s modifies the logo of its golden arches to...

McDonald’s modifies the logo of its golden arches to promote social distancing


The campaign seeks to incentivize consumers to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since Tuesday restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland close before 7 pm as a sanitary measure.

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McDonald’s has modified its iconic logo of the Golden Arches before the pandemic of coronavirus.

The agency DPZ & T partnered with the restaurant chain in Brazil to touch up the golden arches in a way to incentivize consumers to stay safe through the social distancing.

“The movement is intended to convey the idea that we are separated for a moment so that we can be together,” the company said in a statement.

The new image of McDonald’s appeared on the company’s social media on Brazil before the franchise decided to close its more than 1,000 restaurants last Monday and will only continue to provide service through drive-thru delivery.

That same day, the chain’s restaurants in India followed suit by posting an Instagram post titled “A little distance goes a long way. Stay home, stay safe. ”

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From Tuesday in United Kingdom and Ireland fast-food grocery stores close before 7 p.m. because “it is increasingly difficult to maintain a safe social distance” while stores are full for takeout orders, he said Paul Pomroy, general manager of the chain for both countries in a release.

Since last week in U.S, the chain closed its stores that are located in shopping center restaurant areas, which only represent 5% of the more than 14,000 places that exist throughout the nation.

Most restaurants remain open providing takeaway and home delivery, even in cities like The Angels Y NY where residents have been ordered not to leave home for non-essential activities.

McDonald’s has reported that is committed to continuing to offer its services safely. Its restaurants have closed their play areas and dining rooms.

In addition the company has also said that it is encouraging its employees to washing hands more frequently and implementing thorough cleaning measures.

“Our customers, employees and communities are counting on us now more than ever to provide them with meaningful support, delicious food and well-paying jobs,” he said. Joe Erlinger, President of McDonald’s during a message that was published last Monday.

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This is not the first time that McDonald’s change your logo. In 2018 the chain turned its bows upside down in honor of the International Women’s Day forming a letter “w”. After the announcement, the network received a wave of criticism for not compromising sufficient income and supporting groups that promote women’s rights.

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