News Maturity 2020 | Wednesday, June 17,

Maturity 2020 | Wednesday, June 17,


Maturity 2020, we: Wednesday, June 17, approximately 500 thousand students in their last year of high school, they will face the examination. The emergency coronavirus has disrupted the normal running of the State exam, which for this year involves only the oral test. It starts on the 17th of June: here are the things you need to know, from the operation of the interview to the safety measures adopted by schools.

The 13 thousand examination committees, composed of six internal members and one external, the president, have settled on Monday, 15 June, and from 8.30 am on Wednesday 17 June, will greet the candidate and the candidates for this year. Each student will discuss, at the opening of the interview, a work on the disciplines, dealing with a topic that has already been agreed in the past few weeks with the teachers of the class. Follow the discussion of a short text studied during the last year within the scope of the teaching of Italian language and literature. Will be analyzed the materials, consistent with the path which is assigned by the commission. At the closing, will be exposed to the experiences carried out in the context of the paths to the transversal competences and the orientation (the old alternation school-work) and assessed the knowledge related to “Citizenship and Constitution”, according to what is actually being done by the class.

To give the proper weight to the location of the school, the credit of the three finals this year has been revised, and can be worth up to 60 points instead of 40, as before the disaster. At the oral interview, you will be able to achieve up to 40 points. The maximum score possible final remains, in fact, 100/100. You will be able to get the praise.

Maturity 2020, all the security measures

But what are the rules to follow to play in total safety the exam? As it says on the website of the ministry of Education “will be ensured the daily cleaning of all spaces that should be used. The classrooms where you keep the tests will be clean even at the end of each exam session (morning/afternoon). There will be defined routes of entry and exit. The premises must be well ventilated”.

To ensure the conduct of the tests in full safety, both for students and for committee members to receive 39 million euros for the ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of the schools, the purchase of a gel sanitizing and protective devices for the preparation of the routes of entrance to and exit from school. During his stay in the educational institutions will be mandatory to wear a mask. Only in the course of the oral test, students will be able to remove it, while maintaining the safety distance of at least two metres from the commissioners. The classrooms should be well ventilated and shall be clean at the end of each examination session (morning and afternoon). Each candidate may bring one escort, who must in turn comply with the measures of distance and to wear the mask.

How to fill out the self-certification for the oral exam of Maturity 2020

In the moment in which the student will present to the school, as well as his companion, will have to submit a self-declaration (but also each member of the committee) in which attests the absence of respiratory symptoms or fever over 37.5°C on the day of completion of the examination and in the previous three days; have not been in quarantine or isolation at home in the last 14 days; have not been in contact with positive people, to the best of their knowledge, in the last 14 days.

+ It is possible to download the self-certification the Maturity 2020 in PDF here +

With the self-students, teachers, and carers attest to the absence of respiratory diseases and a state of body temperature below 37.5°C. In detail, within the document, you should:

  • enter all the personal data and in the quality of what is presented to us at the school (student, chaperone, teacher, etc);
  • enter the name of the school where you go to take the exam;
  • make sure not to have the symptoms listed in the document;
  • enter the date of the day on which it is claimed the oral examination.

On the occasion of the start of the examination, the minister of Education Lucy Jay will be in Bergamo at 9.30 am at the I. T. S. Giacomo Quarenghi. “I wanted to give a message of closeness very concrete, he explained, Jay -. There are areas that have suffered more than others. And then they had to put even more commitment and responsibility to deal with these State Tests in the presence. I will be in Bergamo, a symbol of the disaster, to thank the students, the teachers, the commissioners and all the staff. I will tell them that they have been a great example that will help us also in view of September”, the minister concluded Jay.

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