Matonoha and Benešová rejoice: Another child on the way!

A new life role awaits them. Favourite actor Tomas Matonoha (50) known from the series Comeback and actress Lucie Benešová (47), who shines in the series Slunečná, will receive grandchildren given to them by their daughter Sara (22). The happy grandmother has already managed to tell if it will be a girl or a boy.

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“A wonderful and fascinating moment !!! We had such nerves when cutting and we were all looking forward to it so much !!! None of us knew, not even the expectant parents, what Sárinka wore in her belly. And here it is!! Our Sarah and her Honzík. well, the pinks know, “ the actress confided with joy on her social networks. According to the photos that Lucie shared, Matonoha’s future grandfather is still recovering from this surprise.

Living with Markéta Mayerová: Lucie Benešová

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