News Mathieu Klein and Xavier Bouvet join forces for "...

Mathieu Klein and Xavier Bouvet join forces for ” a new Lorraine “


Tuesday. 11: 02. Train station of Metz. The departure of the TER Fluo in the direction of Nancy. It is in one of the cars that Xavier Bouvet and Mathieu Klein have decided to formalize their desire to build a co-operation between the two cities sisters.”

The two candidates left in the municipal elections of Nancy and Metz want, if they are elected this Sunday, to work together for ” a new Lorraine “. For the Messin, it is necessary to ” overcome the divisions of the past who, for years, have established a competition to be sterile and harmful and enroll in a consistency of action.” They wish to optimize the place of geostrategic importance of the two cities and, more broadly, of the furrow of lorraine at the crossroads of the three borders. “Lorraine needs a spine to re-register in european issues. These projects will be beneficial to all. We have common interests to build to finally make something of our geographical position so unique, ” insists the Nancéien.

At the program, thematic concrete : an alliance to build a strong partnership with the Luxembourg including the creation of a zone to accommodate businesses in the Grand Duchy evil of the land ; to develop the learning of foreign languages and the training for the young people of Lorraine are part of this pool of international jobs ; advocate for the creation of a high speed rail line regional train to the international airport of Findel ; develop the attractiveness, the research, innovation… In essence : to make a common front.

A same generation to ” write a new page “

In the case of wins, their joint roadmap will be established at a meeting of the two municipal councils, or metropolitan, as early as the fall. But is it possible to scan so many years of rivalry with the recurring issues of establishment of universities, centers of health, government… ” We are aware of the great challenges, but the conflict may not be the answer. The suspicion is not fertile “, argues Matthew Klein. “We are not naive but fifty years of mistrust have led to nothing,” adds Xavier Bouvet. With them, no choice, who would not really like the location of the TGV station or Lorraine Airport. “It will also be necessary to develop the centre, but in a true vision of development of the territory. We’re both of the generation that knows that our primary responsibility is to write a new page, ” says Matthew Klein. An opportunity “trust” also linked to the personalities, according to Xavier Bouvet.


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