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Marvel Studios: This Reference To Star Wars Explained Thanks To Spider-Man Far From Home


With 23 films, it is not surprising that the MCU has used certain references to other sagas of the seventh art. Indeed, how to miss certain winks to the universe Star Wars, especially during the battle of Captain America: Civil War. Remember, when Spider-Man succeeds in mastering the gigantic Ant-Man by taking inspiration from a “old movie”, proving to be The Empire Strikes Back. Some fans had already noticed several references to this intergalactic saga, Steve Rogers having notably registered Star Wars among the films to catch up in order to perfect its pop culture after 70 years of hibernation. Besides that, the many winks in terms of casting have multiplied in the MCU. Starting with that of Nick Fury. Embodied by Samuel L. Jackson, the American actor is also known to have participated in the prequel to Star Wars in the shoes of the famous Jedi with a purple saber, Master Windu, to the point that some people wondered if the two characters were the same person.

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War.

Regarding this detail, some fans have noticed that the MCU had refrained from mentioning a link between Nick Fury and Master Windu. This running-gag could have taken shape in Far From Home when Peter Parker officially meets Nick Fury. Known to be a fan of Star Wars, Peter Parker, according to a Reddit user, should have joked about the resemblance between the Agent of the S.H.I.E.L.D and the Jedi. If the scenario did not provide for such a wink, this same surfer would have found the solution: the prequel to the saga Star Wars would not exist in the MCU, and therefore Master Windu either. If this explanation may seem a bit simplistic, some fans have also pointed out the lack of connection between Jane Foster and Padmé, both embodied by Natalie Portman.

Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home.
Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

If it is difficult to understand why a link between Star Wars and the MCU is so important, the Russo brothers gave a simple explanation by stating: “The characters in the MCU are just like the characters in Star Wars.” Therefore, if Nick Fury is not the reincarnation of Master Windu and that Jane Foster is not Princess Amidala hiding on Earth, the most plausible explanation remains that the prequel Star Wars would not exist in the MCU. However, this remains to be proven since other fans have spotted the Naboo Starfighter figurine from The Phantom Menace in an episode of The Punisher. We say that, we say nothing … Fan of Star Wars and the MCU? Check the meeting of these two sagas on this successful fan art.



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